Album: Beer Sex & Black 'N Rollust (2012)

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Song: The Satanik Bluesphemer

Bitrate: 128kbps

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Formed as an Unholy Black Metal band back in 1991 by the founder and the Original line up Eddy in Kota Kinabalu/Kuala Lumpur.The 1st line up back then is Eddy, AJ, Kecik and Ray..
In 1993, Kalabangan release their 1st and only demo tape entitled 'Shadow Of Lucifer'..The music in the demo tape was strongly influence by Bathory,Venom,Darkthrone etc.
Not long after the demo release Eddy deciding to buried Kalabangan to the grave and move to the island of Labuan.While in Labuan (1994/95) Eddy was also forming a Black Metal band called 'Waffat' which later on changing their moniker to 'Mantak' by Naz soon after Eddy leaving the island! Eddy then became more active in the KK's Underground Punk scene and forming a Punk band called 'Frustuated Flag' in the late 1995.before completely silence in underground music scene in 1997.
Now, After 17th fucking years, Eddy(as the original line up )together with an old friend Naz(Mantak) bringing Kalabangan back from the grave with a far more different kind of concept which this time is more towards into a combination of punk and Metal music! Their soon recruited Sodomz(Ex-Mantak/Foetal Carnage/Psycho)as a drummer before recruiting Pancho (Demizer/Mi Scusi/Vicious Entity) as a bassist to complete the maniac in the band..And also added the capital Z in the end line of the band's name to Kalabanganz!
Kalabanganz is now working on a studio to record their debut's 7inch EP and a Full Length album which is expected to crush your fucking ears in early 2011!!!No more stories to tell here.